Quick tips for short notice home showings
Quick tips for short notice home showings

A large part of selling your home is having it look great when it's shown to prospective buyers. But, what do you do when an agent calls to say they have a buyer and will be dropping by in a few moments to do a walk through?

Plan Ahead.
You can count on the fact that there will be times when an agent will stop by on short notice. To prepare for this have a plan for quick pick ups. Assign each member of the family a room to tidy. Also plan ahead of time where you will go to allow the agent and buyer time alone in your home. The park, library, grocery store or long walk are all good options.

Brighten it up.
Flip on the lights and open curtains and blinds to let in the light. Rooms look larger and more appealing when they are bright. Open curtains also allow for any good views you may want to show off.

Kitchen fix ups.
While selling your home consider using paper plates, this will allow you to clean up quick if a showing should happen around dinner time. Quickly wipe down counters and shine facets, everyone likes a sparkling kitchen.

Laundry clean ups.
Throw dirty laundry in the washer to hide messy piles. Put clean laundry in a basket in a closet to move out of the way.

Toy holders.
If your children have toys all over invest in under bed drawers. Then when you are in a hurry toys can be put out of site quickly. They will also work for books, dirty socks or what ever else is lying around during a last minute pick up.

Make a “run through”
At the last minute make a dash through your house to ensure nothing is left out that shouldn't be and that your home is in the best possible shape.