Sell your home for top dollar (part 2)
Sell your home for top dollar

In today's market, selling your home for top dollar comes down to making right decisions when listing your property. Everyone wants top dollar for their home, but the early stages of the selling process can make the difference.

Don't leave doubts with potential buyers
Selecting an agent who will closely analyze comps to make sure your property is priced correctly is crucial. Originally, it was thought "sure let's price the home way above market and see if we can get it." This strategy in many cases is real problem. Asking for top dollar makes sense. Asking for a price that is way outside of the market range is an issue. If a property is priced so high that it sits on the market for an extended period of time, guess what, people start to wonder what the problem is with the home. This concern comes from both other real estate agents and potential buyers alike. So step one in getting top dollar is pricing the home in the correct range.

Work with an agent who will expose your property to the world
In addition to correct pricing, it is critical that you work with an agent who can give your property the type of exposure it deserves. Advertising on the Internet is one tool that is a must. An agent without a solid web presence means that your listing is less likely to get seen by the marketplace. Furthermore, working with a real estate agent who is not only an association member, but also a member of the multiple listing service is imperative. If the goal is getting best possible price for your property, maximum marketplace exposure is what you need.

Communication gives you the comfort you deserve
Asking questions of your listing agent will mean the selling process happens in a way that you want it to. A responsive agent will be willing to address your questions and concerns, as well as discuss a comprehensive overall strategy.